Your order will be dispatched as soon as all products in the order are available; you will be contacted by email if there is likely to be delay or unavailability with a product. Please make sure your contact email address is correct when placing your order.

Once you place your order, please allow 1-2 business days for it to be processed. The shipping time usually takes 2-5 weeks for our Premium shipping method and 3-7 weeks for our Standard shipping method. The time depends on the customers country and on the item that was purchased. Our fastest shipping time is to the United States.

The difference between our Standard and Premium shipping methods is that the Premium method is twice as fast and provides premium tracking numbers and you have priority in order processing. The Standard shipping method is still insured and more affordable, but it doesn't provide you with tracking during the whole shipping process. We always recommend you to pay a bit more in order to receive much better service and to have premium tracking numbers.

We ship overseas so our shipping times are a bit longer than expected. However, we offer you good prices and great quality, so please be patient and you won't regret it!

If you have any questions about our delivery times (perhaps you want a specific shipping time for your country) please send us a message on Facebook or Instagram or contact us at our email.

Please expect your items to be shipped separately if you order more different items. We ship your items in multiple packages for many different reasons:
- Sending different items in the same package requires much more time to be cleared by customs.
- Sending bigger packages brings us many extra fees because of bigger expenses when shipping packages over a certain size and weight.
- Our customers benefit from sending multiple packages as well. This procedure as well as the lower price tags on your packaging, help customers avoid any kind of extra fees.

We ship worldwide to 241 countries available on this list.

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